Soloists, choir And Orchestra

A Symphony of Trees (2015-2016) soprano, tenor, mixed choir, children’s choir, organ, orchestra — 90’ 

Prize Vocal Music 2016 of Province of West-Flanders

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The Sack of Louvain (2013-2014) — soprano, mezzo, tenor, bass, mixed choir, orchestra — 55

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Live-recording of numbers 1-11:

Heilige Seelenlust (2008)  — soprano, tenor, female choir, male choir, children’s choir, 2 harps, 2 alto recorders, 2 orchestras — 55

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Opening: Jesu, meine Freude:

Finale Lege Mich:

Morgenrot, Symphony n°2 (2000) — soprano, mixed choir, orchestra — 73

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Introitus, movement I:

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, opera (1993-1996) — 180

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Listen to the complete First and Second Acte

Listen to the complete Third and Fourth Acte

Passio Domini Nostri J.S.Secundum Marcum (1988) — soprano, mezzo, tenor, bass, mixed choir, orchestra — 88

Live-recording 1993 of Stabat Mater by Lucienne Van Deyck,

composer conducting: