Partita (1986) in memoriam J.S.Bach 

This piece was composed in 1986, the year after that I graduated in 1985 at the Lemmens Institute, Campus Lemmens, now renamed and part of the Leuven University College of Arts, LUCA. It certainly was not a commissioned work then, but I intended to compose a Partita in the spirit of Bach’s Partita in modal style and in two part counterpoint after that I studied myself his Fourth in D major. The character of the dances are perhaps more according to his French Suites, further on was the choice of the keys planned in advance: it starts with f sharp minor and then the scale ascends always a perfect fourth heigher, so secondly followed B major, then e minor, A major, d minor, G major (more specifically G mixolydian) and finally c minor (eolian). Some years later I orchestrated this piece, it has been performed then in Cologne by the Belgian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jan Caeyers, the orchestra does not exist anymore though nor a recording was made of this version. The orchestral version has been never performed since then.